Measures your abstract reasoning ability

Assesses your ability to solve conceptual problems by identifying relationships and analysing patterns.

Helps to predict abstract aspects of job performance

Your results on the assessment help to predict your capacity to effectively solve complex problems.

32 Questions

You will complete up to 32 questions that assess your ability to accurately process abstract information.

Timed Assessment

The assessment is timed for 10 minutes.

What is the Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test (RART)?

The Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test measures the ability to see relationships and patterns in shapes and diagrams. Abstract reasoning ability is linked to job performance in roles requiring the ability to make decisions using conceptual information.

  • Example Abstract Reasoning question

How do I complete the assessment?

You’ll need to be invited by an employer who uses Revelian assessments to complete the test. Once you’ve received your invitation, you can log in and read information about the assessment.

The test has 32 abstract reasoning items and you’ll have 10 minutes to complete as many questions as you can. Most people don’t complete all 32 questions in the allocated time, so we recommend moving as quickly as you can through the assessment and answering the questions you feel confident about, then attempting the remaining questions if you have time.

How can I prepare for the assessment?

The test is designed to measure abilities that don’t rely on any specific knowledge, so it’s not something you can effectively study for. Before you start the test, you can view a set of example questions to help you understand the type of questions you’ll find in the test, and you can also view some sample questions here.

The most important thing you can do is to ensure you’re well rested and focused and can sit the test in a distraction-free environment. Some people also feel that performing mental exercises such as maths problems or crosswords helps to improve their focus before taking the test.

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