Measures your cognitive ability

Assesses a number of abilities and skills that have strong links to job performance: problem-solving, numerical reasoning and verbal knowledge.

Helps to predict performance

Results from Cognify allow recruiters and employers to better understand if cognitive ability is likely to be a strength of yours.

Six mini-games

There’s no questions in Cognify — we gather deep insights through your performance on six short, engaging games.

Timed Assessment

It will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete all six mini-games, including instructions and practice rounds.

What is Cognify?

This assessment is likely to be different to those you may have completed in the past. Cognify uses game-based assessments to measure a number of abilities and skills that have strong links to job performance. These include the ability to find solutions to problems, work with numbers, and think quickly under pressure.

You may be invited to complete five or six individual games, depending on which skills the employer wants to focus on.

  • In Shortcuts, you need to move the blue marble to the starred area in as few moves as possible.

  • In Gridlock, you need to solve a succession of puzzles by fitting all of the pieces into the grid as quickly as you can.

  • In Resemble, you need to mentally rotate the image on the left and then replicate on the right.

How do I complete Cognify?

You’ll need to be invited by an employer who uses Revelian assessments to complete Cognify. Once you’ve received your invitation, you can log in and read information about the assessment, and which games you have been asked to complete. You can then choose which order you complete the games in, and you can attempt them separately in your own time.

If your internet connection drops out during the games, please make sure you don’t close your browser.

  • In Numbubbles, you are given a target number, and need to identify and pop the bubbles with an equation that equals that number.

  • In Tally Up, you need to quickly identify which group of tokens has the highest value.

How can I prepare for Cognify?

This assessment is designed to measure abilities and traits that don’t rely on any specific knowledge, so it’s not something you can effectively study for.

Before you complete each game, you will be given detailed instructions and will complete a tutorial to help you prepare. You can complete the tutorials as many times as you like before you start the game.

In addition, it is very important to ensure you’re in a comfortable environment free from distraction, and that you complete the assessment to the best of your ability.

  • Proof It! assesses your knowledge and ability with written English language, by asking you to correctly identify spelling and grammar errors in passages of text.

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