Measures Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Assesses your capacity to understand your own and others’ emotions, and to use emotions to enhance thinking.

Helps to predict leadership and interpersonal communication

Research indicates that by determining a person’s ability to understand and use emotions, prospective employers can identify candidates who are more effective when working with and managing others.

141 Questions

The MSCEIT includes a variety of questions including faces, pictures, situations, and scenarios involving emotions.

Un-timed Assessment

The assessment generally takes around 40 minutes to complete.

What is the Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)?

The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) measures your capacity to understand your own and other’s emotions, and to use emotions to enhance thought.  This includes your ability to recognise different emotions; to use emotions to solve problems effectively; to understand different emotions and how emotions can change over time; and to manage emotions appropriately.

How do I complete the MSCEIT?

The MSCEIT asks you to complete a variety of questions, including questions about faces, pictures, and situations involving emotions. The questions may appear very different to other assessments you’ve completed and may seem unrelated to the position you’ve applied for. The assessment requires you to use subtle emotional intelligence abilities to answer questions and is deemed to be a stable assessment of emotional intelligence.

How can I prepare for the assessment?

The MSCEIT is designed to measure abilities that don’t rely on any specific knowledge, so it’s not something you can effectively study for. It doesn’t depend on having special knowledge or having completed any type of study, so there is no need to study beforehand. You’ll also be able to see an example question before you begin the assessment.

The best things you can do to prepare is to ensure you’re in a comfortable, distraction-free environment, and that you read the instructions and check the example questions carefully before you start the assessment.

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