Measures safety attitudes and beliefs

Assesses your beliefs and attitudes towards safety at work.

Helps to predict your level of focus on safety

Your results on the assessment can help employers understand whether you are likely to have a high, typical or low focus on safety at work.

49 or 77 questions – untimed

Depending on which version of the assessment the employer is using, you will be asked to complete either 49 (short version) or 77 (long version) questions. It will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Device responsive

Take the test wherever you are on a digital device of your choosing.

What is the Revelian Work Safety Assessment (RWSA)?

The Revelian Work Safety Assessment asks questions about your attitudes and opinions towards safety at work. These questions allow an organisation to identify candidates that are well suited to its safety requirements and conditions.

How do I complete the Work Safety Assessment?

You’ll need to be invited by an employer who uses Revelian assessments to complete the test. Once you’ve received your invitation, you can log in and read information about the assessment.

When you start the test, you’ll be asked to indicate your opinion about a series of statements using a response scale, it is important that you answer openly and honestly. You should choose the answer that best reflects your individual attitudes, rather than how you think you ‘should’ answer.

Where do I take the test?

The RWSA test can be done on any digital device you choose, anywhere and at any time.

  • Example Work Safety question

How can I prepare for the assessment?

The assessment is designed to identify your attitudes and opinions about safety at work and is not reflective of any prior study or learning, so there’s no need to ‘study’ beforehand.

We recommend reading the instructions carefully before you start the assessment and ensuring you are in a comfortable, distraction-free environment.

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