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Psychometric Testing

Hiring? Pre-employment psychometric tests make the staff recruitment process highly objective, meaning you can be confident that you’ve found the best person for the role – every time.
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Psychometric testing enables your business to improve team culture. Employee development tests will help you review, understand and improve the way individuals and teams work.
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 Communications Analytics

What if you could actually know the collective and individual behaviour of your people in real-time, without asking questions and you could get answers today, tomorrow or any day you like using the data that is already at your fingertips?

People present themselves in different ways, but “you are your inbox”.
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Game-based recruitment assessments

 HR Workflow

Whether you are a large multi-national organisation needing to integrate pre-employment psychometric tests into your applicant tracking system, a small company or recruitment agency looking to test a few candidates on an ad hoc basis, Revelian has a platform that meets your needs.

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Candidates love our assessments. Businesses love our workflow.

Every talent decision, covered.

Our unique approach provides direct insight – delivered as a cloud service.

We don’t just offer a complete library of online psychometric tests – we also create reliable and fun game assessments, user-friendly video interviewing platforms and we innovate by combining technology with HR decision-making including analysing “people data” that already exists in your business. We’ve made it easy for you, by providing a single user-friendly platform that suites the size of any business.

Revelian’s tools help you with every talent decision you need to make, by giving you deep insight into individuals, teams and the whole organisation. Our useful and powerful employment tests, reports and recommendations help you manage employees and teams as they grow and morph with the changing needs of your business.

Whether it’s collecting data from your current and future staff, or unobtrusively ‘listening’ to the internal dialogue of your business, we help you to gather objective HR metrics to get the best of big data analytics without a large, expensive, Google-style team of data scientists. Regardless of your organisation’s size, you can get direct insight into your people with easy, intuitive, data-driven solutions.

Enquire Now – ask any question or even request a free consultation and together we will grow your business by making smarter people decisions.

Amazing Communications Analytics

Discover leading HR technology. Watch an introduction to our RCAP platform.

Linking Data to Important Business Processes

  • Build a better team

    Identify candidates that will fit your roles and teams more quickly and effectively using pre-employment tests. Streamline your recruitment workflow, reduce administration.

  • Performance

    Find out who's suitable for future promotion and identify the true influencers in your teams with our sophisticated communications analysis platform. Combine this insight with 360 degree performance review surveys to construct a thorough profile of both individual and group performance.

  • Development

    Get deep insight and actionable recommendations to help develop your people, with employee test tools that are specifically designed to help people perform better in their roles.

  • Collect meaningful feedback

    Capture the perceptions and opinions of employees using surveys, with questions crafted using current psychological insights into meaningful ways to identify effective onboarding, measure engagement and performance, and derive meaning from departing staff through exit surveys.

  • Culture

    Understand behavioural and communication styles across your team to build greater collaboration and more productive relationships. For cultural assessments benchmark and measure various communications dimensions to track change.

  • Change Management

    For change management, set targets, track and monitor organizational dynamics as they occur. Plan structural change with insight into how people have organized themselves and key communications roles.

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