16 Personality Factors (16pf)

the widely recognised personality factors test

 A more detailed insight into personality for better hiring decisions.

Personality is a term that describes the unique characteristics of an individual that underlie and influence their behaviour. Personality remains relatively consistent or stable throughout one’s life and, as a result, can be reliably measured to help make predictions regarding an individual.

Personality tests, such as the 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF®), help recruiters make informed decisions about an individual’s suitability for a role and possible strategies for managing them effectively. Understanding personality helps:

Improve on-the-job performance

Increase productivity

Improve job satisfaction

Build team cohesion

Recommended for testing the final few candidates as a secondary assessment. All Industries – All roles. However, due to its detailed nature, it is recommended that the 16PF Questionnaire only be used by individuals who have completed Revelian’s 16PF training.

The 16PF Questionnaire (16PF®) is a widely recognised personality test and measures core personality traits that influence behaviour. The test is based on a model of personality which incorporates the following five global factors:

Relating to Others

The extent to which an individual’s time and energy are focused on interpersonal relationships, as opposed to seeking more time alone and working independently on tasks.

Influence and Collaboration

The extent to which an individual has a forceful, assertive and independent influence on their environment, or a more cooperative, collaborative style of functioning.

Thinking Style

The tendency to have an intuitive, creative thinking style, or a more objective, realistic way of thinking.

Structure and Flexibility

The tendency for self-discipline and self-control, or adopting a more unrestrained, flexible approach.

Management of Pressure

Indicates different styles of coping with pressure, disappointments, challenges, setbacks and other stressful circumstances.


The16PF® is a self-report measure of personality consisting of 170 multiple choice questions and, although untimed, takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers in this assessment. Responses are analysed to give an indication as to how strongly each factor is represented in the individual.

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170 Questions


30 mins (untimed)




Work behaviour, communication and performance

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