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All you need to do is:


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2. Complete the 7 mini-games that make up Cognify (it takes around 20 minutes in total). Once you complete, we’ll send you an example report so you can see the kinds of results you’ll receive for your candidates.


3. Tell us what you thought about Cognify and get 10 free Cognify assessments to use for your next recruitment exercise!

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Included in Cognify…

Games assessing Problem Solving 

These three games measure fluid reasoning, which encompasses the candidate’s ability to solve new problems without prior knowledge.

This ability influences the capacity to learn quickly on the job and succeed in a role.

Short cuts game

Short Cuts 

Candidates need to move the blue marble from the starting point to the starred area in as few moves as possible.



Candidates need to mentally rotate the image on the left and then replicate it on the right.



Candidates solve a succession of puzzles by fitting all pieces into the grid as quickly as they can.

Games assessing Numerical Reasoning

These two games measure how well a candidate comprehends quantitative and numerical concepts. This ability is important for roles which require numerical knowledge and working with numbers on a day-to-day basis.



Candidates are given a target number, and need to identify and pop the bubbles with an equation that equals the target number.

Tally up

Tally Up 

Candidates need to quickly identify which group of tokens has the highest value.

Game assessing
Processing Speed

This game assesses a candidate’s ability to perform cognitive tasks quickly, particularly once those tasks have been learned. This ability influences the candidate’s capacity to complete work tasks efficiently.

Colour Pop

Candidates need to ignore a number of different distractors to select the correct tiles.

Game assessing
Verbal Knowledge 

This game assesses the candidate’s breadth of knowledge and ability with written (English) language, particularly spelling, grammar and identifying errors in text. This ability is important in roles which require reading and writing.

Proof It!

Candidates need to identify as many misspelled words and punctuation errors as possible within the time limit.