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What is Express Testing?

Revelian’s Express Testing platform allows small and medium enterprises to use psychometric tests as part of their recruitment and employee development processes. Our innovative technology has allowed SMEs to engage in robust recruitment processes that have historically reserved for large enterprises and government departments. Revelian has a unique understanding of the HR challenges faced by SMEs, and has tailored our service offering to meet SME needs and budgets.

What insights can I gain?

From a recruitment perspective, it’s widely acknowledged that CVs and interviews won’t tell you everything you need to know about a candidate. The following assessments can help:

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  • Cognitive Ability Test

    Cognitive Ability Test

    Learn quickly, reason and solve problems effectively, and make sound decisions

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  • Behavioural Profile

    Behavioural Profile

    Have a behavioural style and preferences that will fit well with the existing team

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  • Safety Assessment

    Safety Assessment

    Take responsibility for their own and others’ safety and avoid risky behaviour

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  • Work Reliability Scale

    Work Reliability Scale

    Behave with integrity and avoid counterproductive behaviours

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  • Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

    Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

    Communicate effectively, and understand and manage their own and others’ emotions

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  • 900+ Skills Tests

    900+ Skills Tests

    Have the necessary skills to perform the tasks required by the role

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Benefits of Express

no contractshire with confidencedetailed reports
industry leadingdevelop capabilitiesassess

Where does Express fit in our suite of HR tools?

  • Revelian Express

    Revelian Express

    Simple, low touch Pay-As-You-Go systemfor ad-hoc and low volumes. Suitable for SMEs, Recruitment Agencies, Small Government Departments.

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  • Assessment Management

    Assessment Management

    Enterprise level recruitment assessment platform. Suitable for Large Companies, Government Departments & other organisations that recruit often.

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  • Talent Management

    Talent Management

    Enterprise level employee development assessment and survey platform. Suitable for HR Consultancies, Large Enterprises, Government Departments with learning and development programs.

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Who we are

Revelian is an innovation-driven Australian company at the forefront of providing unique psychometric tests, surveys, games and communications analytics. Having started with a small team in 1999 as “Onetest”, Revelian has grown significantly to become leaders in HR technology in Australia. We deliver insights to inform people decisions that help organisations recruit the right people, develop employees, as well as enhance and align team culture and performance.

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It only takes 60 seconds to create a Revelian account. All you need to provide is a few contact and company details. You don’t even have to enter your credit card details or billing information until you are ready to start testing. There are absolutely:

No setup costs

No complex contracts

No ongoing commitment

No minimum spend

No subscriptions

No training fees

Revelian is a low-cost solution to low-risk hiring with simple, insightful reports. You can get started immediately and we offer free support! It’s all included in the price.

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