Skills Tests

Assess your candidates current level of skill & knowledge

Over 900 skills tests.  Easy to use. Easy to deliver.

Skills tests enable organisations to assess a candidate’s current level of knowledge, skill and ability in a specific area, e.g. mathematical skills or computer software competencies, to determine whether they can meet the technical requirements of a role during the pre-employment screening process.

It is commonly known that a significant proportion of candidates embellish or misrepresent their skills in resumes and interview situations. As an objective, standardised input to your workflow, skills tests allows you to ensure that a candidate has the core skills that are critical to the tactical success of the role and by adding a greater level of rigour to your recruitment process helps you find your most suitable candidates more quickly.

These skills tests have been developed and validated by industry and subject matter experts, focusing on real-life scenarios likely to be faced by people on the job, each skills test provides an effective measurement of the candidate’s ability to perform particular tasks within a role.

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