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Screening candidates is time-consuming. Take control and work to your own schedule.

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Access a large library of targeted questions. Gauge the
performance of candidates against your critical capabilities.

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Clear and simple reporting summarises capabilities and
makes shortlisting easy.

Save time and screen candidates quickly and accurately

Anyone who has ever recruited for a position already knows how lengthy and frustrating the screening process can be. Phone screens can be particularly troublesome, costing you large chunks of time as you deal with:

  • Scheduling and rescheduling interviews
  • Dealing with no-shows and candidates who are difficult to get hold of
  • Reviewing and reporting on each candidate’s interview responses.

The problem is, no matter how time-consuming all this might be, screening is still an essential initial step if you want to make the right hiring choice. So the solution is certainly not to skip this stage altogether; it’s to make the process as swift as possible. And that’s exactly what the Revelian Video Interviewing Platform does.

The features you need to streamline your processes

We spoke with a broad range of HR professionals across a variety of industries while we developed our Video Interviewing Platform. This allowed us to gain a rich understanding of exactly what you need from a tool like this. Then we simply built our platform to meet those requirements.

As with all of our assessments and other resources, this platform is intuitive to use for both HR managers and candidates. Everything from the instructions to the results are easy to understand, making the video interview process a painless one for everyone involved.

How does the platform work?

Each video interview is a simple, step-by-step process. At the beginning, candidates are:

  • Given clear instructions on how the video interview will work
  • Told how many questions there are
  • Guided through calibrating their microphone and camera
  • Run through some practice questions to help them prepare for the interview.

The start screen also suggests how much time will approximately be needed to complete the interview, which helps your candidates ensure they allow enough time for the process.

Each question starts with a set amount of preparation time (that you specify), to give candidates time to think about their responses. This gap, along with the general simplicity of the platform, enables people to feel comfortable throughout the process and perform at their best.

How do I review and score candidates?

You’ll receive an email once your candidates have completed their interviews, and can start reviewing straight away.

The system user can:

  1. Use the video controls to play, pause, go back or forward, or view in full screen.
  2. Add a comment for the current question.
  3. Add a rating for the current question.
  4. Provide an overall comment for the candidate.
  5. Provide an overall recommendation for the candidate.

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