Values Inventory

reveal people whose values closely match the values of your organisation

Increase productivity and decrease voluntary turnover.

Values are enduring, important and deeply held beliefs about what an individual needs from an organisation. They represent aspects of an individual’s ideal job that are most important to them. For example, some people may strongly value security of employment, while others may regard advancement as more important.

When the most important aspects of a person’s ideal job are provided and emphasised by the organisation, then that person is more likely to remain with the organisation, be committed and contribute positively in the workplace. Conversely, when the most important aspects of person’s ideal job are not provided or emphasised by an organisation, that person is likely to be less committed. Hiring people whose values closely match the values of your organisation can:

Increase productivity

Decrease voluntary turnover

Increase organisational commitment


The Revelian Values Inventory assesses the extent to which potential employees value 20 key work factors, which have been identified as key drivers of commitment and job satisfaction. Use as a primary assessment. Recommended for screening all applicants. All industries – All roles.

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20 Questions


10 mins (untimed)


Cultural fit, Values alignment


Organisational commitment

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Case Studies

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Federal Government

A major federal regulatory authority commissioned a study to evaluate the relationship between the Revelian Values Inventory (RVI) and various organisational outcomes. This research identified a direct relationship between applicants’ RVI scores and their job performance, tenure and career advancement.

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