Work Reliability

the integrity test that predicts counterproductive workplace behaviour

Reduce theft, dishonesty, inappropriate behaviour and absenteeism.

Reliability beliefs and attitudes (i.e. integrity) consist of perceptions towards counterproductive behaviours such as theft, dishonesty, and absenteeism.

Research demonstrates that integrity tests predict counterproductive workplace behaviour. By assessing attitudes towards these behaviours, employers can identify individuals who have stricter attitudes and are inherently less likely to steal, lie or be absent from work. Such individuals are likely to contribute positively to a high reliability culture within the organisation, as they are less likely to condone or support counterproductive behaviour in others.

Screening out applicants with lenient attitudes towards counterproductive behaviour (i.e. low levels of integrity) leads to:

Reduced shrinkage (i.e. theft)

Reduced absenteeism (e.g. non genuine sick leave)

Reduced 'white collar' crime

Lower levels of inappropriate workplace behaviour

Reduced involuntary turnover

The Revelian Work Reliability Scale assesses individuals’ attitudes and beliefs towards counterproductive behaviours such as theft, dishonesty and absenteeism.

Individuals completing the Revelian Work Reliability Scale are asked to indicate the extent to which they agree or disagree with a series of statements. Analysis across all question types generates an overall reliability score for each person and also identifies if they are attempting to distort or fake their responses.

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Counterproductive behaviours (e.g. theft, absenteeism, dishonesty)



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